Inventors have a special place in our efforts to bring technical solutions to the world and we have assisted many over the years.

They dream… they imagine… they eventually pick up courage and put their ideas into amateurish efforts to build their project.

Yes, they are on the correct road to success; the next step being a reassuring FREE 1-Hour Consultation with 3D Engineering Design, during which we will provide the know-how to transform their ideas into a real-life product, taking into consideration both budget and time restrictions.

Our services will assist Inventors with:

Following the Design Intentions: Design of a 3D model that can be studied from every angle and tested for stress and ease of manufacturing

Pre Mass-Production Testing: Obtaining prototypes and solid mock-ups for a real-life physical examination of the invention

Product Optimization : Optimizing and making improvements to a working product

Initial Documentation for patent registration: Self-explanatory drawings of the invention once it is ready for fabrication and/or marketing.

Secure Manufacturing Documentation: Ensuring that every step is documented will ensure that modifications made to the invention will be a swift procedure

Post Design Support that will help with all future improvements enforced by market conditions, new materials, cost efficiency amendments, new features and an array of individual reasons to modify the existing product.

Confidentiality: We will sign our Customers’ confidentiality agreements to shield their idea in the marketplace. Alternatively, we can provide one for them and save them the legal cost.

and more

Whether you have a simple idea sketched on a paper napkin, or whether you already have an invention that requires improvement, we will convert your ideas into a realistic image.

This is our commitment!


We will explore the technical side of your project and start providing you with professional solutions.